Sending love through hair

Losing hair can be difficult for one’s self confidence, but the good news is that some people can regain their confidence through the use of hair system. This can positively impact and change their lives. Recently, a client of mine sent me a message detailing how he had just graduated from college and had to pay off student debt loans every month. He requested a bigger discount for his hair system until he was able to find a good job. He was able to do just that, has begun buying our hair systems again, and we’ve become good friends.

This is really my motivation for doing this work. Some people, both young and old, are experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19 or other factors and can’t pay full price for a hair system. In response, I started this program to help people get what they need and save money at the same time.

You tip 30% more on hair purchases, and we pay 40% to let those customers in need buy a hair system at only 30%. Being generous towards those who need it is a worthwhile endeavour, and hair systems can help people live the life they want. All of the donations will be posted below.

Public Notice

This program automatically anonymizes donors and recipients unless someone personally requests the be made public. For each doner, we will disclose the hair and quantity of the corresponding model, and also disclose the 70% discount code. If someone uses it, we will update the quantity used. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

BIO | TOUPEE 0.06MM THIN SKIN TOUPEE REMY HUMAN HAIR SYSTEMS (Discount Code :GEXWIGS0170)Quantity 1 Use 1 Remaining 0


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