Difference Between V Needle and Reverse Half Buckle Hair Replacement Systems


Understanding the differences between how hair replacement system styles are crafted can be challenging, but fortunately we’ve got you covered. In this post we are going to look specifically at two different crafting styles: the V-needle, and the half buckle.

Let’s start with the V needle method, alternatively known as the V word knitting or injection crochet method. This is actually quite a common process used for making toupees, and over the past few years has been used to weave full bionic film wool also. It is also different from other crochet methods without knotting. Though the knitting yarn is the same as the V-shaped needle, the hair roots are fixed on the back with glue.

This crafting method does come with a few shortcomings though. For example the adhesive burns easily the toupee is not terribly durable.

Moving on to the Half-buckle weaving method, this method is characterized by its small size, that is, the root hairs are small the point of hardly being noticeable. This leads to a very natural look that makes the difference between real hair and this hair system very difficult to see. It, like all of these systems, however, has some drawbacks. It can fall off rather easily because the buckle is in the middle of the under skin and the tie is small.

The roots also have problems with bleaching. The bleach makes the hair brittle, and break lines can appear when you try to comb it.  However, it’s important to remember that all these problems can be overcome with proper care and knowledge of hair care systems.

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