Return Policy

Our guarantee refers to the commercial guarantee under UK legal system.
Statutory Rights
We promise the goods we sold are in conformity: (a) Goods to be of satisfactory quality; (b) Goods to be fit for particular purpose; (c) Goods to be as described, which implies that goods shall be matched with the description and actual physical movables, with a sample provided, with the results of the examination.

Goods to be of satisfactory quality
The goods shall be in a satisfied quality, which corresponds to the descriptions of our website. We shall guarantee the goods have required certification. The goods shall be free from defects.

Goods to be fit for particular purpose
The goods shall be for particular purpose under a reasonable person’s judgment.

Goods to be as described
We promise the goods are matched with the description of our website.

Remedies Right to reject
You are granted with two types of rejection right, namely right to short-term reject, final right to reject, on condition of inconsistency of goods conformity, such as low quality, unfitness and mis-presentation of description of goods.

Short-Term Rejection Right
The time limit for you to exercise the short-term right to reject is the end of 30 days beginning with the first day after these have all happened: (a) ownership or (in the case of a contract for the hire of goods, a hire-purchase agreement or a conditional sales contract) possession of the goods has been transferred to the consumer,(b) the goods have been delivered, and (c) where the contract requires the trader to install the goods or take other action to enable the consumer to use them, the trader has notified the consumer that the action has been taken.

Final Rejection Right
If you exercise the final right to reject, any refund to the you may be reduced by a deduction for use, to take account of the use with the goods under your control in the period since goods were delivered.

Right to replacement
You may choose to replace the goods that are not in accordance with the descriptions (i.e., defects, low qualities or unfit for the purposes and usage). However, we are excused for the repair duty under UK law because of inconvenience nature of transborder e-commerce.

Right to refund
We will make refund in the event of (a) Right to reject; (b) Right to price reduction equals to right to receive a refund for anything already paid above the reduced amount. The defect of goods, non-conformity of goods are premises of this refund right to be triggered.

A refund must be given without undue delay, and in any event within 14 days beginning with the day on which the we agree your fund request.

In the regime of right to reject, we will not refund the shipping insurance considering of non-substitutability nature permitted under UK Consumer Rights Act 2015.
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