Your Wig and Water. What You Need To Know

Can a wig be worn to sleep, during a shower, or while swimming?

Many friends ask me, can I sleep with a wig on, or while swimming? The answer is yes! But it affects the life span of the wig, and the difficulty of care.

First, lets talk about wearing it to sleep. The wig is crocheted and when you sleep your head moves around, which will increase friction on the wig and cause it to lose some hair. Based on client feedback, we’ve determined that hair loss is faster if you wear your wig while sleeping. Even those who don’t wear a wig wake up with messy hair and need time to take fix and care for it.


Next, let’s talk about swimming. Luckily, there are now waterproof films on the market that can be worn during swimming. I tried myself and found that my wig was fine and didn’t fall out. Since I tried it, I know. However, it is inconvenient since you have to wear a swim cap on top of it as well. Also, chemicals in the pool make natural hair dry after swimming, and the same is true for wigs.

This begs the question, is it okay to take a shower while wearing your wig?

Of course you can, but you can’t rub shampoo in a circular motion like you would normally. Rubbing in circles will scrape off the hair, but washing it is just fine.

So, wearing while swimming, bathing, and sleeping occasionally is fine, but only during emergencies and not for a long time. For those who are used to it though, it will be less troublesome.

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