Unsure About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement? Consider This.

Hair loss in men is very common, but not everyone is ready to put up with thinning hair and commit to being bald. The problem is especially acute for men who lead a social lifestyle or one in the limelight; actors, models, entertainers, and the such like. Even the average joe such as office workers are increasingly hiding their hair loss, viewing it as a shortcoming.

Let’s look at it this way. According to US statistics, about 7 million men wear toupees. It’s an increasingly popular trend in the West and especially America, and serves a perfectly natural desire to have a full head of hair.

If you are in doubt about going through with a hair replacement system, why not let us help you choose the perfect toupee for you? First though, determine your size, hair color, and what hairstyle you would like. If you have the opportunity to go into a salon and try on various models for length and texture, that would be ideal. Really though, the choice of wigs for men is the same as for women. Men, however, should follow these recommendations:

  1. Start by determining the size of your head. The size should be based on the circumference of the skull. Generally speaking though, men are a large or standard sized model.


  1. The next step is to choose the kind of material you want: natural wool, man-made fiber, real human hair, or a mix of these different materials. Each material has a different cost, feel, and durability.


  1. After this, you need to choose a hairstyle. Take into account the shape of your face, which is the main factor. If you feel overwhelmed by choice, perhaps consulting your local stylist would be a good idea.


  1. Afterwards, choose a color. The choice is largely a personal preference, but you should choose a natural color or shade that suits your eyes, skin, and wardrobe.


  1. Consider what clothing style you usually wear. Wigs can be tailored for a sporty, leisure, or business look. Also, as stated before, you have the freedom to choose a color that matches what you wear normally.


How To Attach Your Toupee

After all these things have been considered, you need to choose the right toupee strap/band and learn how to apply it. After applying the strap, you should brush your hair so that the toupee doesn’t look separate from the scalp. A natural look requires the hair be as close to the head as possible and exclude bumps, lumps, and gaps

 When ready, put on a special hat, which adds an extra barrier on your head. If you don’t have hair, you can skip this step. To put on the wig, you need to remove it from the temple and fasten it to the forehead. Then pull it back carefully. This product is worn front to back. Great care must be taken since glue is involved.


Extra Notes

  • Lowering in the front or pulling over the had is not advised. The natural position is along your hairline or 3-4cm above your eyebrows.


  • For a natural look, it is enough to wear the accessories correctly. To do this you don’t need to perfectly style your hair since natural hair doesn’t lie like that. Simply run your hand through your toupee until it has the look of a natural hairstyle.


  • The toupee can be styled and lightly combed to shape. Styling products can be used without issue, and haircuts can correct any mistakes or style it as you see fit. It is advised that you find a stylist skilled in cutting toupees and wigs.


  • Wigs and toupees can be worn under hats in winter. However, it’s important to remember that this will wear out the product faster if worn for a long time.


Whatever your reason for wanting to do non-surgical hair replacement it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. GEXWIGS carries a number of different models made from various high-quality materials to fit your face and suit your needs. Check it out today, and start your journey towards non-surgical hair replacement.


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