How Are Toupees Attached?

When thinking about buying a toupee, there are a number of things, both personal and practical, to consider. What’s the cost? What materials are being used? Will people know I’m wearing a toupee?

These questions and more are all important, but for those who have already made up their minds to buy a toupee, one of the most frequently asked questions is simply, “how are toupees attached?” Why do so many ask this question? Well again, the reasons are both practical and personal. Is the material used to attach the toupee toxic, and will it actually keep the hair system attached for any length of time?

Lets start with the question of what exactly is used to attach the toupee to the scalp. There are a few different methods for attaching a toupee to ones head. In the cases where the toupee is small and the wearer still has some hair on their head, a small clip made of metal or plastic may be used. This clip consists of a base shaped like a comb with a locking arm attached. These clips are durable, inexpensive, and easy to affix, but are not without their flaws.

First of all, the toupee has to be small, and there needs to actually be some hair to attach it to as stated earlier. Secondly, if you are planning on wearing the clips regularly and for a long time, you need to occasionally change the position of the clips to avoid the undo stress on your hair that can lead to more hair loss. It should also be noted that the choice of clip, is generally more of an option for women’s wigs and there might be a limited number of toupee sellers that offer this option.

By and far the most common ways to attach a toupee are by using either tape, glue, or a combination of the two. There are a number of different types of tape; mini taps, strips, lace front tape, rolls, and contour tapes. Most if not all of these tapes, last between one and three weeks depending on how long you wear it every day. Glues on the other hand, are predominantly water based and both latex and formaldehyde free, which makes them non-toxic and unlikely to irritate the skin. It is also transparent, so if you are really concerned about people noticing your hair piece, glue may be the way to go.

Generally speaking, tape is easier to both apply and clean, so it is broadly recommended over glue. However, glues are much stronger and can typically last up to four weeks without needing to be cleaned. If you have a monofilament toupee though, glue is not going to be a good choice as it can be messy and damage the base material.

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