Stock Hair Systems vs. Custom Hair Systems; Which One Is right For You?

In the world of hair systems you have two basic choices; stock or custom. What’s the difference, and what’s right for you? Let’s take a look.

First let’s start with stock systems. Stock systems are simply the hair systems that are carried in our store currently. Here at GEXwigs we have numerous styles, colors, and base systems to choose from in our stock. The hair systems that we have in stock were chosen based on popularity, quality, and affordability. Truly, there is something for everyone.
Typically speaking, the default base size of any given toupee or wig is 8”x10”, 7”x9”, or 6”x10” with a default length of 6”-9”. Oftentimes when you first receive your hair system, you will be unable to wear it straight out of the box due to this pre-sizing model. Since different people have different head shapes and sizes, it is recommended that ask for the base to be cut to your size as well as the hair style of your preference. The seller can almost always cut the base for you, but not always the hair itself. If that service is unavailable, then you’ll have to engage the services of a professional.

On the other hand you have custom hair systems, which are exactly what they sound like. These are hair systems designed to perfectly for your exact needs and requirements. Absolutely every aspect of the hair system can be controlled; base size, base material, hair color, length, density, and how straight or wavy the hair is. Even things like fades and highlights can be integrated in.
In order to actually place a custom order, you have to first come up with a template for what you want. However, some people run into the problem of just not knowing how to do this very well. There are a number of tutorials that can be watched though and it’s really not that difficult.
Something else to consider when deciding whether a custom job is for you is time. Processing a custom order can take a few days, but after that initial processing time it can take between six to eight weeks to complete the custom hair piece. So, if the need is urgent it might not be the best choice for you. However, if you are willing to wait for a bit for exactly what you want, then it might be worth your while. One last point to make is that the basic materials for both stock and custom hair pieces are actually the same.

So What Should I Get As a First Time Buyer?

If this is your first time buying a hair system then it is recommended that you start with a stock toupee. There are a couple of good reasons for this. Since wearing a hair system is a learning experience for most, and it may take some time for you to get the hang of applying, wearing, and maintaining it.
You might not also be comfortable with your first fit. Perhaps the base material isn’t breathable enough, or the hair color just doesn’t quite match your expectations. Maybe it’s uncomfortable during sleep, showering, or exercise. Also, figuring out how the bonding agents (tape or glue) work, and how to remove them, can be a tricky process and requires some practice.
So, should you have any problems with a stock hairpiece you can return and try something else out. High-quality stock hairpieces are themselves expensive, so it goes without saying that a custom job is much pricier. Therefore, if you want to get a custom system, you should first know exactly what you are looking for and all the steps necessary to take care of it.

And there you go. Everything you really need to know about the topic of stock vs. Custom hair systems. We hope that is helpful, and as always, happy hair hunting.

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