The Differences From Injected, V-loop And Single Knot Hair

Many people understand that hair pieces are all hand-made. However, not many know that there are different types of knots that make the unit look and fit into one’s desired look. This article will look at commonly used knots and a couple of different methods not many know about.

Single Knot:

This means each hair is attached or tied to the base with the help of a very tiny hook. It’s almost like sewing and a hairpiece maker knots every single strand of hair patiently one by one. This creates innumerable tiny pore spaces all over the base and so ventilation is high in knotted hairpieces.

single knot-3.jpg

This is specially meant for very thin bases and this is why we do craft pieces with this method if the base is a Bio skin one. This one is the thinnest. V-loop hair is easy to style as you can comb in any direction. Ventilation in V-loop pieces is as good as it is in the knotted pieces.

O1CN01Vp4Ue71ze3PVKjimH_!!2208280216738-0-cib (1).jpg


The Injected hair is good because the hair is hand-inserted to the base from different angles, which means it looks very natural for all the hair to tend to fall in different directions. The natural design makes the people more serious and formal. 




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