What makes NG | TOUPEE 0.03-0.04MM ULTRA THIN SKIN REMY HAIR SYSTEMS different from others?

Although we offer hair systems that meet the needs of most people, we never stop, we strive to improve and upgrade our products so that they get better and better until they are perfect. Here we bring you our upgraded skin material, read on to learn more about our upgraded aspects.
1.TOUPEE 0.03-0.04MM ULTRA THIN SKIN REMY HAIR SYSTEMS A duller shinier surface hairline is the last thing you want from your skin hair system.GEXWIGS uses the most advanced and unique technology on the market to give the skin base a shine-free surface, so it does not glow in the light.

Some companies may add chemical matte powders to create this dull finish, but at GEXWIGS, the technology we use is physical and completely chemical-free. As a result, people do not experience allergic reactions when wearing them.

2. Transparent skin, blends perfectly with your skin

The skin base of GEXWIGS is completely transparent, and when properly bonded, it blends perfectly with your skin. So when you wear the GEXWIGS Skin & Hair System, you can have realistic hairlines and unmistakable edges on the sides and back.

3. Soft and light

The GEXWIGS Skin Hair System is super soft and featherweight, so you don't feel anything when you wear it. At the same time, it's strong, flexible and durable. For an ultra-thin 0.06 mm skin hair system, GEXWIGS products usually last at least three to four months, while other companies' skin units last only one to two months.

GEXWIGS special technology is also used to prevent the skin from becoming stiff or yellow after exercise or sweating during prolonged use.

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